Integrated secondary school and apprentice training centre

250 01 Brandýs nad Labem – Stará Boleslav
Pražská 370

The school is of regional sphere of activity and it offers suitable conditions for farther education to applicants with finished obligatory school attendance – to get the school leaving certifikate in the four-year field of study, or to get the vocational certificate in the three-year apprenticeship.

Four-year classes:

  • Management of engineering
  • Business branch

The graduates of the four-year classes master operating PC, technology of their branch, they are good at laws and regulations, they can understand and communicate two foreign lanuages (English and German). They are well prepared for work in public sector, industrial or bussines companies or for independent bussines activities.

Three-year classes:

  • Tailor
  • Locksmith
  • Shop assistant
  • Machine-works
  • Tin work in building industry
  • Cooking works
  • Upholstery

The school leavers of three-year classes have wide scope of technical skills in their field of study, they master technical processes and documentation. They are well prepared for work in industrial companies, or for independent bussines activities.